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How to make a dynamic FaaS page to process different companies payments

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  • cmw2379
    Ok, that makes sense. Thank you for the fast response. If I understand it right, you use existing account information to
    place into the hidden fields in the form that correspond to the GUID, account number and so on. When the form is posted, the user
    information gets sent to your site and is processed. Simple enough and the link was very helpful so thanks again.

    My other question then is on account creation. Is there a way for a user to create an account on your site without ever leaving ours? Our ideal scenario
    would be that the user enters his or her information on our site and we would send it to Click&Pledge as a form and then receive a token (or something similar) back which the
    user never sees or has to deal with. Also, the sellers would do the same thing and create an account with their bank account information which we would send to you.
    Then we could just balance the tokens/GUID's/Account information and manage it all for them.

    Our main goal is making the user do as little as possible and leave all of the details and heavy lifting to us.

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  • CnP.Support
    Good day!

    Payments may only be made to clients of Click & Pledge and each account has its own account number and GUID.

    If you have a FaaS form that is set to post to different amounts then the GUID and account number needs to change for each post. If you review the FaaS manual you will see the account information & WID as parameters that may be set for each post. Those parameters may be changed with each post.

    You may also use account tokens to post to each account.

    Let me know if we can be of any further assistance.

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  • How to make a dynamic FaaS page to process different companies payments

    I just started trying to setup a FaaS form on my companies website today and quickly ran into a problem. On our site, we require a user to make
    payments to different companies depending on who they are linked to on our system. So, how can a company create an account on our webiste to
    use ClickandPledge and then allow us to link it to the users FaaS form that will post eCheck payments to the companies bank account? As far as I can tell,
    ClickAndPledge will only post payments to our account which we don't want necessarily for the feature we are implementing.

    I'm aware that this is probably a very open ended question, but I couldn't find anything about it in the forums or documentation. This is also my first
    time using ClickAndPledge so I am very new to how things are supposed to work.

    Any information or links to information would be very helpful.