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Getting "Operation Not Allowed" and I have all fields set correctly

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  • CnP.Support
    Allowed URL

    You are blocking your own URL. I reviewed the Error and realized that in the API section of the admin you have listed the following URL:

    Your secure site is:

    you should also list:

    See below:

    The URL listed is the only URL that is authorized to post to the FaaS.

    The above security feature blocks any other site but the one listed to post to your account. That field is blank by default and your account administrator must have entered it there.

    I strongly suggest that for testing purposes you remove that URL. Once the site is working then apply the security. To remove it please follow the steps listed below:

    1: Login to the administrative system:
    2: Click on Account Info
    3: Click on API Information sub-tab under Profile
    4: Delete the entry in the Allowed URL text field.
    5: Scroll down and click on the SUBMIT button.

    Not sure if that is the only issue but unless you remove that we can't test further. Please remove it so we can duplicate your code here and test.

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  • bklein01
    I changed the date format to match your screenshot. I still am having an error.

    1) Does ID matter? For a form post, usually only name matters.
    2) Is there a way to see the server error that is happening?

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  • CnP.Support
    Pull down menu values


    Look at the expiration month pull down menu. What is the value?

    The code in your page looks like the following:

    Month & year option does not have a value.

    The correct format should be something like the following:

    Values should be listed in the pull down menu.

    There may be other issues but I suggest that you fix this issue then we address other issues. I have to look at the rest of it and will let you know if I see anything. If all fails I will put it on our servers and attempt to fix it.

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  • bklein01
    The site is secure

    You can also access the site at The site is secure.

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  • CnP.Support
    FaaS requires a secured site

    All API related sites require a secure site prior to being able to post to the web services. Your site is not on a secure site.

    Please set up the form on a secure site first before testing.

    Let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

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  • Getting "Operation Not Allowed" and I have all fields set correctly

    I am following the instructions to FaaS and I keep getting the "Operation Not Allowed" error. I even tried creating a different and new CheckOutPage for the CheckOutPageID.

    The url is I'm not quite sure what other form variables are missing or incorrect.