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"Basket is empty" error, but all fields are correct

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    Good day @Lew,

    The idea is simple. If an item is ill-formed it will be ignored. Simple!

    If an item's quantity is 0 or ItemName not defined it will be ignored. Naturally if all items are ill-formed the basket will be empty and an error will be reported.

    Ill-formed items are not processed and as such will not be on the receipt.

    Hope that answers your question.
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      Thank you for your reply. It doesn't answer my question, however, but it doesn't matter as I have since confirmed for myself the behavior.

      My question was, "So could you please confirm that if Quantity is non-zero and UnitPrice is zero or empty, that the form will post successfully?"

      So, it wasn't about quantity being 0 or ItemName not defined (the answers you gave), but about UnitPrice being 0 or empty. In my form, Quantity is 1, ItemName is defined, but UnitPrice is 0. And that works.

      The situation, as I have explained earlier, is that we have an "Additional Donation" field. This is optional - a person may make an additional donation (in which case he'll enter a value in the field), or not (in which case this field is pre-set with 0). I don't know any other way to set up a form, given your field names, to accommodate this requirement, but having UnitPrice hold the donation amount - 0 or otherwise - seems to work.

      The form posts correctly, with no errors. And all I wanted was a simple confirmation of this fact - just to be sure I wasn't seeing a side-effect or some other incorrect artifact. But this behavior has been consistent, and so I assume it will continue to work correctly.