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  • One time Deductible Amount

    I have a client and we're building a form where we're trying to implement a gift with initial donation, but for recurring donations this presents a problem.

    So for example for a $200 annually recurring gift, you get a commemorative plate. So this subtracts $40 from the initial deductible portion.

    Is there a way to specify an initial deductible for the first year only, or are we stuck tracking this on the backend manually?
    Simon Jensen
    KELL Partners

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    Hi Simon,

    A transaction is simply replicated for recurring and items cannot be isolated so one of them is recurring and the other is not.

    We can consider this but the receipt and interaction will be too complex. Something to think about.

    Currently the entire transaction is recurring.
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      Yeah, I was afraid of that..
      that's gonna make receipting super hard if not impossible since the giving levels and gift aren't hard coded into the form.
      Simon Jensen
      KELL Partners