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Duplicated fields are concatenated by processor.

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  • Duplicated fields are concatenated by processor.

    If you have a FAAS form that has accidentally gotten 2 quantity for the same product fields in it (which I know is wrong, but accidents still happen), the Post Processor Concatenates those fields causing massive overcharges to appear.

    For example:

    <input name="Quantity1" id="Quantity1" value="1" type="hidden" />

    And then the client later on adds this somewhere else on the form

    <input name="Quantity1" id="Quantity1" value="1" type="hidden" />
    Then the Transaction gets processed as:


    It would be better to either, ignore subsequent values, or return an error about multiple quantities being passed.
    Pretty much, doing anything other than combining them would be a better solution than surprising a donor with with an exponentially larger withdrawal from their credit card.
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    Simon Jensen
    KELL Partners