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Switching from current clickandpledge form to FaaS

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  • Switching from current clickandpledge form to FaaS

    We already use the clickandpledge service and have 2 forms that are on the click and pledge site.
    We are going to move to FaaS. I am building the html pages that the new FaaS forms will sit in on our own website.
    I wanted to know if it is best for me to build new forms using the FaaS examples, or whether I can copy the current Forms that we have on the clickandpladge site into my new HTML pages.
    The current forms include validation which we will need in the new FaaS forms too.
    Hope you can advise me.

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    The existing Click & Pledge forms are quite complex behind the scene since they have a lot of AJAX calls & validations. I definitely do not recommend surgery on those forms to make them suit your need. Validations are easy to create if you are using DreamWeaver since it has all sorts of validation scripts.

    What development software are you using?
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      Thats Great - I just needed to know if I needed to start from scratch again with the forms - which I obviously do.

      I am using Dreamweaver so yes - I can build the validations myself - was just seeing if I cut some corners!