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  • FaaS Giving Options Question

    We are trying to create a FaaS page for one of our websites, and have a question. Is it possible to have the Donor select an option that would allow them a choice between the following when checking out (Submitting the donation): Option 1: Donate 100% - Add 3% so that 100% of the donation goes to designated fund (ex. If donate $100, a $3 additional charge added. Total charge = $103.00) OR Option 2: Donate 97% - I understand Organization will deduct 3% to cover transaction costs. (ex. If donate $100, $97 would be a donation to the designated fund and $3 would be a fee. Total charge = $100.00)

    We understand the "issues" with charging a "additional Fee" but have been asked to see if it is an option, and where can we find example code that could be used to create this option.

    Thank you!

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    Hi Mike,

    This may be done with a JavaScript that based on selection you either change the amount or possibly add another line item for the fee.

    For example you may want to add another ItemName and call it Fee and add $3 (based on your example) to the basket.

    The FaaS form naturally does not care what is being posted to it as it will charge the total for all line items in the basket.

    Not sure if I have answered your question.
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