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Periodicity of recurring gift options

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  • Periodicity of recurring gift options

    Can anyone show me how to limit the available "Periodicity" choices for Recurring Payments.

    By default C&P allows "Month, Week, 2 Weeks, Month, 2 Months, Quarter, 6 Months, Year" but I want to limit it to Month only.


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    Good day @Gavin Gourley,

    To limit the recurring option to monthly, please follow below steps.

    Add an hidden field for periodicity with the value of "Month" as shown below.

    <input type="hidden" id="Periodicity" name="Periodicity" value="Month" >

    Now to make the same recurring infinite (Donor must contact to stop the recurring), add an hidden field of Installment shown below.

    <input type="hidden" id="Installment" name="Installment" value="999" > (value 999 make the recurring infinite).

    Please check and let us know if we can be of any further assistance.



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      Thats great Abdul - thank you!!


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        I have an additional question.

        If I set up a hidden field for periodicity with the value of "Monthly" then all donations captured on that page will be monthly donations, but I want to give a donor the option to pick a monthly donation. Most of the page visitors will not become monthly donors. Is there any way to cause the recurring option to only apply to people who click a checkbox?


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          Good day!

          Of course that is a matter of programming. Do you know JavaScript? you can write a JS code to hide the portion of the code & only post it if the box is checked.

          Is the periodicity & interval always fixed? for example if they choose to do recurring is it always indefinite recurring on a monthly basis?
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            Thank you. I don't know it, but the people we're paying to rebuild our website better! I'll pass this on - thanks!