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  • "Operation Not Permitted" Error

    We are trying to set up a FAAS donation form and are having some trouble. Using the test account from your code sample (John Doe, etc) we get back the error "Operation is not allowed" from your server. I haven't been able to figure out from the documentation what this rather cryptic message means. Could you take a look and tell me what might be the problem?

    The page in question is on our test server at

    Because this is running on our test server, the SSL certificate doesn't match the IP address we are using to access the site. Would that be a problem?

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    checkoutpageid is not listed


    You don't have CheckoutPageID as a hidden field. FaaS requires the CheckoutPageID - there was another ticket about this error also.

    In the sample we have a CheckoutPageID input as a hidden field. Define a checkout page and use the WID as the Checkout page ID.

    Let me know if that works.
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      Ahh, you're right. I was under the impression the checkout page was something optional (since you never actually see it when using the FAAS api). Working well now, though.