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"Operation is not allowed" in Production Mode

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  • "Operation is not allowed" in Production Mode

    Hi All,

    So I have created a form to be used for online donations at

    I have switched the form from test to production mode and now I get the error page with the error:


    Any suggestions?


    Eric Lesch
    Web Manager
    Music In Schools Today

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    A number of fields missing


    you are missing a number of fields. The FaaS uses a checkout page so it can reduce the number of fields it needs.

    Do this:

    1: I created a checkout page for your account so you can just use it - you can customize it later. Use the WID of that page for the CheckoutPageID

    <input type="hidden" name="CheckOutPageID" id="CheckOutPageID" value="32845" />

    add the above to the hidden variable list section.

    2: Go to the admin and update the checkout page with Receipt header information and notification if you have special distributions.

    Test it and let me know.
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      Fixed... sort of...


      So I added the field into the page and I got it to work.

      I got a reciept... although there were problems with that as well.

      When I get a receipt back after purchase, it says:

      This charge will appear as "" on your credit card statement. "

      I went to chat with support and asked if this could be changed in the trio payment system and apparently it can't be. I was told this was some sort of issue I need to take up with you folks on the forums. Is there any way to fix this?

      As for the missing fields, what fields am I missing besides CheckOutPageID? My understanding from looking at the API documentation is that the other fields are optional(ie shipping address and custom questions).

      Also I didn't follow the second direction that you gave me about special distributions as I don't know what that means. What are special distributions?


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        FaaS needs a checkout page?

        I'm new to this C&P thing, so please excuse my ignorance. It seems, from the response below, that I need to create a Checkout Page in the admin in addition to my FaaS that correct? Do they need to mirror each other? I have a ton of extra text fields in my form that my client wants, and I'm not sure the Checkout Page allows for that many.

        Basically, I'm kinda confused as to how to get the forms to work.

        My current form lives here:

        Please help :-)



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          CheckoutPageID &amp; Other fields

          Eric / Benji;

          I try to answer all your questions in one reply. I think that will give everyone a better overview.

          First about CheckoutPageID:

          FaaS uses the API for its processing. We have tried to minimize the requirements for posting and take advantage of the administrative system where and when we can. If you create a checkout page then you can take advantage of the following:

          - Email Notification list: this is the list of additional people that should receive a copy of the receipt. You can create a checkout page and add the emails directly in the checkout page:

          See the manual: Notification Mailing List

          Check the manual at -->

          - Address / Organizational Information

          The field shows up in the receipt as the organizational information. The name, address, phone number, and any other information that you wish to use in the receipt. Adding this to the checkout page is easier than posting it to the API.

          It is important to note why we have done this.. a programmer develops a program or a web page and turns it over the organization. The organization decides to change the address, email or the phone number and as a result the code has to change. Our approach will make the items that will change frequently separate from the actual code. This way you can develop the code and turn it over to the organization. Just make sure they realize that they should NOT delete the page otherwise the program will return error.

          - The descriptor not showing in the receipt

          We are researching this further - I think we have narrowed it down as to why this happens. We will have an update by tomorrow that should fix the condition that causes this to happen.

          I hope I have answered all your questions.

          Let us know if we can be of more assistance.

          Benji: if you want more help with the form please start a new thread so we don't mix issues in this thread.
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            Blank name on the receipt


            We just did an update to the FaaS service that fixes the issue with the blank name on the receipt.

            Please test it and let me know if this solves the issue you were having.
            Click & Pledge Support Department

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              Thank you very much!

              The correct name, "Music In Schools Today", is now displayed in the email receipt!

              Eric Lesch