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  • CnP.Support
    Good day Trenton,

    RAID controller has nothing to do with this issue & can't possibly be the cause. RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) is simply a hard drive controller allowing for redundant disks to work as one. Great for servers that can't go down.

    To solve the problem we need to look at the error message. The following is the URL string you posted in your original message:

    HTML Code:
    In the above URL there is a parameter listed for error. I understand looking at the URL is a bit overwhelming but it really is not that complex. Look for the error message which is the following:
    Xml Error&The%20urn:APISchema.xsd:ExpirationDate%20ele ment%20is%20invalid%20-%20The%20value%2007/%20is%20invalid%20according%20to%20its%20datatype% 20String%20-%20The%20Pattern%20constraint%20failed.

    In the above string replace %20 with space and you will get the following:
    Xml Error&The urn:APISchema.xsd:ExpirationDate element is invalid - The value 07/ is invalid according to its datatype String - The Pattern constraint failed.

    I am sure you see what the issue is.

    The credit card expiration date does not have a year. You are posting it as 07/

    I tried visiting your site at but the site does not respond. I wanted to review your code but your site is not available. If you wish for us to review your code please let us know.

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  • TSLD
    started a topic Donation form error

    Donation form error

    when trying to make a donation at we get an error message "Unfortunately, there was an error processing your donation. Please return to the donation page and try again." and the following URL:

    I have tested the checkout page that the form uses (using test mode through the C&P portal) and the test donation was successful. Can anyone point me to the source of the issue?

    My web host, Dreamhost, recently replaced equipment on our server due to issues with their RAID controller. Could that bve a possible source of the above issue?