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  • URGENT! Rejected Transactions

    We recently went live with our FaaS system of posting to C&P. While a few transactions have processed correctly, a larger majority have been rejected. Not credit card rejections, but errors (OnErrorUrl). The messages are cryptic, but can be parsed out. The three I've found so far are:

    * The Shopping Cart is Empty (or something like that)
    * The value '0' is not valid

    There are some others, but I can't determine what the errors are because they are shown behind the C&P sidebar menu on the default OnErrorUrl. So, a couple of things about this...

    - The shopping cart is not empty. I've see the screen dumps and the raw html of the posted transaction and the shopping cart variables look no different than the ones that went through. I don't know how to debug this.

    - I don't know what the second error is since the only thing that was forwarded to me what the actual error, so I didn't get a chance to see what was being posted. Is there a way to find out what that is?

    - Most Importantly: Does C&P save the errored transactions somewhere so I can see what the errors were? I know it saves the declined transactions, but we don't have any of those - only errors. I'm afraid not everyone is reporting their errors to me, so I'd like to see all of the errors that have come through. Possible?

    We're in absolutely desperate need right now. We're not able to reliably accept credit card transactions right now and our season just started two weeks ago. Please advise.

    Thank You.

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    Good day!

    I reviewed your account and all API posts and see either transactions that have succeeded or those that have declined by the bank. Please note that if FaaS encounters and error it will not process the transaction or send it to the API and will not record it. So FaaS will bounce the message back with error.

    About your errors: The error messages are not cryptic they just have %20 in between each word which is equivalent to space. The error is descriptive of the issue encountered.

    - Basket empty: In these transactions you are not passing any ItemName so the basket is empty.
    - Value "0" is invalid: Credit card payments with mode "Authorize" cannot be processed with $0 amount. If you wish to process $0 the TransactionType has to be set to pre-authorizations as shown in the manual:

    I believe in your form you have conditions where no value is being passed to us. Please post the link to your form so we can review the code.
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