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FaaS form displays funny in Firefox

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  • FaaS form displays funny in Firefox


    I've created a new FaaS form, and while it displays just fine in Safari, it pushes outside the bounds of our table in Firefox. Please see the attached screenshots. Is there anything I can do to correct the way Firefox is displaying it?

    Thank you.Click image for larger version

Name:	2013-08-07_18-01-42.jpg
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Name:	2013-08-07_18-01-06.jpg
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    Good day @bfcdeborah:

    It is hard to debug an HTML using the image. If you send us the link to your form we may be able to figure out what is going on.

    As a general rule I don't suggest you judge the correctness of a layout or HTML with Safari or IE. Firefox and Chrome are the standard which you need to judge your page with. If it is not showing right in Firefox or Chrome then your HTML is wrong or has issue. Safari & IE are the worst browsers you can possibly judge anything with.

    Not seeing your code the image tells me that the size of the form and fields are exceeding the center table cell. The field size for Address, etc. are longer than the table cell width and as a result table is expanding to what the fields are set. Once the table cell has expanded the text at the top is being forced to go over the width of the cell.

    To test I suggest you change the width of all your long fields, e.g. Address 1, Address 2, Email to half their size and see if the table fixes itself.

    Let me know what you find out.
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