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Uh-Oh page on FAAS form submission, - Error Reporting?

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  • Uh-Oh page on FAAS form submission, - Error Reporting?

    I'm not seeing any info relative to discovering why transactions are not going through from the merchant account perspective.
    A certain number of our donation submissions get an Uh-oh page following form submission. Is there a part of the click and pledge back end which will give us a more detailed explanation of what went wrong in past transactions? Better yet, is there a way to use error responses to alert users of improper syntax so that they can fix it themselves and achieve a successful pledge?

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    Good day @RobertBengtson,

    The Error message is in the URL and the system reports it in great detail in the URL.

    We don't store that information since it has not yet cleared the requirements to be posted to the system. If we were saving the info any hack attempts or injection would also be saved.

    Declines are stored and the reason for decline is also saved and you may download it in the transaction report.

    Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
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