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Transaction problem in form with many custom fields

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  • Transaction problem in form with many custom fields

    Our C&P setup is that we use php forms on our website to post transaction to C&P, and the transactions are auto-created in our Salesforce instance. I have two forms that are working well this way.

    I recently needed to create another form for entry into our film festival. I copied our General Donation form, and modified it significantly to pass more custom values using the FieldName(n) and FieldValue(n). There are 15 name value pairs passed this way. We do not necessarily need them all passed into Salesforce, but we do need them to at least be listed in the notification email.

    When I went to test the form (as an active transaction for $1), and clicked on submit- I was taken to a blank/white browser page with the URL: . It hung there and nothing else happened.

    Can you suggest what may be happening based on the symptoms? Here's some of my theories:
    1. Too many name/value pairs
    2. The syntax of one or more name/value pairs is incorrect (I'm certainly reviewing that)
    3. Inherent problems when name/value pairs get greater than 1 digit- e.g. FieldName11
    4. C&P cannot receive <textarea> values because of the high number of character

    The form is located at:

    Suggestions for troubleshooting?

    thanks, Amanda

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    Good day @Amanda,

    Your ideas are all great but I think your issue has a much simpler solution. There are a number of threads with the same question, e.g.

    FaaS platform does NOT respond to insecure posts. You are posting your form from http:// which without much interrogation of the program tells me that the post is not secure. We only respond to https:// originating pages.

    Please add an SSL to your page and post from the secure page. The issue will be resolved.

    Let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
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