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Is it possible to do a $0 Order?

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  • Is it possible to do a $0 Order?

    I have an order that contains both donations and products. We would like it to be possible to allow someone to get a product for free (where the UnitDiscount value equals the UnitPrice). It looks to me like the API does not accept this as a valid order when that product is the only thing in the order. I have checked, and there is a quantity, price, etc. When I changed the UnitDiscount to be $0.01 less than the UnitPrice - making the overall price $0.01 - the order went through.

    UPDATE: I have found the problem. There were 3 total items, and the first two had ItemID[X] values of 1. The 3rd item had an ItemID3 value of 3. Making it 1 made it work.
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    Good day @dannywynne,

    I am assuming that the issue has been resolved and you don't need us to provide any guidance.

    Please confirm.
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