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Various cards being declined

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  • Various cards being declined

    We've gotten complaints from numerous people who are trying to donate who are reporting that any card they try is being denied. Could you please let us know what could be causing this?

    Here is one of the emails we've gotten from someone who had tried donating:

    "I tried making a donation, but when I submitted it said the credit card transaction was denied. I tried it again several times and also tried using a different card, but still got same denial message. Are you aware of anyone else having this problem? Can you please look into this issue and let me know once it has been resolved."

    The donation page is located here:

    Thanks for the help!

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    Good day @JamesH,

    I reviewed your account and found out that 4 attempts were being made from IP address: and all were blocked due to fraud pattern behavior.

    The IP and all the movement records were purged so the donor may process now. It should be fine.

    This has only happened to one person with email: ***[email protected] and other declines were normal declines and were declined by the issuing card.

    May I ask you to update your profile so we can find you easier when you post to the forum? Your organization name and account number being in your profile will help us find you faster.

    Let us know if we can be of more assistance.
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