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Ability to match the donation amount as well as sending in honoree informtion

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  • Ability to match the donation amount as well as sending in honoree informtion

    We are integrating Donation form for NYFoundling with click&pledge using your API platform-FaaS.

    We are able to successfully integrate a normal transaction with donor's information, billing information as well as monthly transaction. However, we are not able to find the fields to integrate in following situation :

    1. Make this a matching gift : In this situation Donor's company/organization can match the donation amount. We need to capture the company information and pass it on to Click&pledge. We couldn't find any field to use for this purpose in the field list below

    2. In the honor of: In this situation Donor can specify honoree's name, who to send the notification as well as personal message. We couldn't find any fields for this purpose either

    Please let us know what can be used to implement this logic.

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    Good day!

    Both of these scenarios are best handled through adding Custom Questions and passing them as question & answer pairs.

    Check the following example:

    The custom questions: Your employer & Your occupation are similar to what you wish to do. See the code below:

    HTML Code:
    <td width="37%">Your Employer?</td>
    <td width="63%">
    <input name="FieldName1" type="hidden" maxlength="20" size="40" value="Employer"/>
    <input name="FieldValue1" type="text" maxlength="500" size="20" />
    <td>Your Occupation?</td>
    <input name="FieldName2" type="hidden" maxlength="20" size="40" value="Occupation"/>  
    <input name="FieldValue2" type="text" maxlength="50" size="20" />
    Each custom question pair has to be numbered accordingly and be incremented as pairs, e.g. FieldName3, FieldValue3, FieldName4, FieldValue4, etc. There is no limit on the number of question-answer pairs you may ask or pass to the API.

    Since the question will be asked in the form as a visible text, the FieldName should be a hidden text with the question passed as the value of the FieldName as shown above.

    I hope that makes sense. If not please reply to this and I can give you additional examples.
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