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Donation Page Declining Cards & not showing is reports

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  • Donation Page Declining Cards & not showing is reports

    An employee at our organization was trying to make a donation on our website donation page but received the decline message. Is our system blocked again? Can you clear all names, emails and IPs that are blacklisted? I am able to do that as well? If so, how?

    Here was her link: nse=YzZjNjFmMjgzNzI1ODkxNjQzNTE3ODYxMjEyM2ZlMGY4Yj lhYQ==&RefID=

    Also, declines aren't showing up when I try to pull a report of declined cards. Why is nothing showing? How do I know if there are others that are receiving the decline message?


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    Good day!

    If transactions are made using similar patterns and following fraud attempts our system will block them. You may remove FRAUD from your page but then you will run the risk of being totally exposed to attempts of credit card validation by fraudsters.

    The IP address and email of the blocked individual was removed from the system.

    The hack attempts are not exposed to you since they are blocked prior to hitting the system. We can review them as they are saved elsewhere.

    For internal use you may want to create a checkout page within the portal and disable its fraud option. Ask internal people to use that form instead of your regular form.
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