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error on activating plugin

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  • error on activating plugin

    I get this error upon activating plugin

    Notice: has_cap was called with an argument that is deprecated since version 2.0.0! Usage of user levels is deprecated. Use capabilities instead. in /home2/bikewal2/public_html/bikewalkwichita/wp-includes/functions.php on line 4080

    I did a search in my WP install files and it doesn't find has_cap anywhere.

    I appreciate any info on resolving this.

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    I get this series of errors on the C&P page, but it does allow me to add the account. However if I try to refresh the account it says "can't find id guid combo"

    Notice: Undefined index: cnpviewid in /home2/bikewal2/public_html/bikewalkwichita/wp-content/plugins/click-pledge-connect/cnpSettings.php on line 66

    Notice: Undefined index: act in /home2/bikewal2/public_html/bikewalkwichita/wp-content/plugins/click-pledge-connect/cnpSettings.php on line 100

    Notice: Undefined variable: cnpsetid in /home2/bikewal2/public_html/bikewalkwichita/wp-content/plugins/click-pledge-connect/cnpSettings.php on line 118

    Notice: Undefined variable: cnpsetAccountNumber in /home2/bikewal2/public_html/bikewalkwichita/wp-content/plugins/click-pledge-connect/cnpSettings.php on line 122

    Notice: Undefined variable: cnpsetguid in /home2/bikewal2/public_html/bikewalkwichita/wp-content/plugins/click-pledge-connect/cnpSettings.php on line 129

    Notice: Undefined variable: cnpsetfrndlynm in /home2/bikewal2/public_html/bikewalkwichita/wp-content/plugins/click-pledge-connect/cnpSettings.php on line 142


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      Good day @[email protected]

      Please submit a support ticket at with FTP and admin login details as well as the website URL so we can review your entire configuration. Include the link to this post in the ticket for reference.

      Please let us know when you have submitted the ticket. Do not post the requested information in this forum as this is a public forum.
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