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C&P form isn't fully populating on WP site:

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  • C&P form isn't fully populating on WP site:

    The shortcode [CnPConnect First-50] isn't working with the Click & Pledge Connect WP Plugin. Unyson Visual Page Builder or permissions or JS issue or all of the above - not sure.

    This C&P Campaign:

    This form: https://login.connect.clickandpledge...b6d3cb9#header

    Amanda now has admin access to our website.

    Feel free to test on this duplicate page:

    The shortcode is the 4th Section, 2/3 column on the right

    Seems to work fine on the following page, but it is built differently with the Default Editor (not unyson visual page builder). Feel free to test as much as you want on that page as well.:

    Some of the relevant console errors are:

    jquery.js:5 [Deprecation] Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated because of its detrimental effects to the end user's experience. For more help, check

    iframeResizer.js:217 Uncaught Error: Unexpected message received from: for CnP_inlineiframe. Message was: [iFrameSizer]CnP_inlineiframe:2927:750:init. This error can be disabled by setting the checkOrigin: false option or by providing of array of trusted domains.

    at g (iframeResizer.js:217)

    at l (iframeResizer.js:520)

    iframeResizer.js:132 [iFrameSizer][Host page: fitvid0] IFrame has not responded within 5 seconds. Check iFrameResizer.contentWindow.js has been loaded in iFrame. This message can be ingored if everything is working, or you can set the warningTimeout option to a higher value or zero to suppress this warning."

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    Actually, I may have figured it out. It could be SSL vs. not. works...


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      Good day @aggregatespace

      Great to hear that it works.
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