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Recurring payments / subscriptions for a single product?

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  • Recurring payments / subscriptions for a single product?

    We're trying to set up a WooCommerce integration in an environment where a product purchase (eg: a t-shirt) and a donation can be put into the same shopping cart. WooCommerce makes that part very simple, and if the donation is a single payment gift, everything is working great.

    Ideally, we want to allow the donation to be recurring and purchased in the same shopping cart as the product. Obviously, I don't want a t-shirt every month but I would like to donate $10 per month. With WooCommerce we can indicate that the $10/month is recurring, but my question is how to get this information on a per-product level to C&P? Is that possible in any way?

    To be clear, enabling the C&P plugin's recurring functionality isn't what's desired here - that would re-submit the total for the entire shopping cart and is not what we're after in this situation. We are happy to get creative with custom fields, passing hidden info to the API, or basically anything we can do to accomplish this.

    Any insight or assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!