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Examples of sites using C&P shopping cart integration

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  • Examples of sites using C&P shopping cart integration

    Would it be possible to list some sites that are using the C&P shopping cart integration (not just WooCommerce, any of them)?

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    Good day!

    Sorry but we don't have examples since we don't know who is using which one of our open source solutions. Our clients may download the integration through the Github and set it up without our knowledge.

    Hopefully others that are using it will see this post and reply.
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      I am currently using C&P on Woocommerce at


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        I'm looking at using woocommerce with click and pledge for a class registration system but was wondering if product variations come over to the opportunity. Do you use variations and how do they come over to SF?


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          HI Jason

          We've set up C&P and Woo a couple of times, and we set a different SKU for each product variation, so that we can map it easily in C&P on the Salesforce side. We also have a tutorial site that may be a little basic for you, but give it a look:

          Basically, you can deal with custom fields, or the standard C&P intake. We typically find it easier to do SKU based mapping but YMMV. Best of luck to you!