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  • Payments from non-US consumers

    Does C&P accept payments from consumers in countries outside the US? I assume that their credit card will be charged according to an exchange rate, plus foreign exchange fees. Is there anything we need to do in our C&P account to enable purchases from outside the US?

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    Good day!

    You may accept payments from any country using the cards you are accepting. Please note that the issue is not with your account but the card holder. Anyone making a payment to your account pays in US$ and their credit card company will charge them the conversion fee. An example would be when you travel and use your Visa card, let's say in London. You will pay 1 GBP and but in your statement it will show as $1.54 - the credit card company will convert. Of course the credit card company will also charge YOU- the card holder- the fee.

    I hope that answers the question.

    In short there is nothing that you need to do to accept international cards.
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      Great. Thank you for this information and the prompt response.