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WooCommerce Click & Pledge Gateway problem

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  • WooCommerce Click & Pledge Gateway problem

    I'm in the process of rebuilding a website. I have WooCommerce v2.4.6 and WooCommerce Click & Pledge Gateway v1.3.11 installed. I'm following the instructions from the "Payment Platform's Help & Online Manual," but am not seeing what I think I should in the WooComerce settings area. I don't see "payment gateways." (screenshot.png). I noticed the readme.txt file in the Click & Pledge plugin folder saying it is tested to WooCommerce version 2.3.11. Is this why I don't see it? In the WooCommerce settings I see the message that Click & Pledge is enabled but force SSL is disabled. (screenshot-2.png). So what's my question(s)? Well, how do I enter my Click & Pledge info? Do I need an SSL certificate? I thought by using Click & Pledge I wouldn't need a certificate. Am I missing something? I have had 2 cups of coffee, but I guess that isn't helping.

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    It's the third cup of coffee that made me realize that the problem is user error.


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      Good day!

      I should have known since you posted the same message twice and I had to delete the second post.

      Please note that until you have at least 3 approved messages all your messages need to be moderated and approved. The message was posted to the WooCommerce developers to respond so I will have it cancelled.

      Let us know if we can serve you coffee!
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