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  • PrestaShop Integration Problems

    I've recently been working with one of my clients in implementing Click & Pledge. Part of this implementation is allowing payments to originate from an ecommerce storefront - after some initial tests, we went with PrestaShop. Now, the C&P module that's provided for PrestaShop required that we installed an older version of PrestaShop (1.4) versus the latest version (1.7) - so we did just that and installed, the last stable version of PrestaShop 1.4.

    After the PrestaShop installation, I took the module that was provided by C&P ( and successfully installed it. However, after enabling the module and plugging in all my C&P account details, it never showed up on the front-end for users to select from the Payment Type screen.

    To make sure I knew that new payment gateway installations were working at all, I installed a random credit card payment gateway (, and it showed up immediately on the Payment Type screen.

    Can you please share with me the steps you've taken to get your C&P integration module for PrestaShop to work so I can complete this connection for my client?

    A formal case was submitted to Click&Pledge last week - case # 00011390 for reference, which includes an attached screenshot.

    EDIT: Included screenshots for further reference, covering:
    1) The technical config of this PrestaShop instance (and the server its installed on)
    2) Confirmation of a successful C&P module installation
    3) The C&P module configuration (client ID and GUID are hidden here)
    4) What an end-user currently sees when reaching the "Choose your Payment" screen during the check-out process. Note that the C&P module is enabled and should be accessible at this point.
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    Good day trevor.williams.c4g

    We have recently updated the PrestaShop integration app and it is available for installation.

    Please see:

    Thank you again for reporting this and sorry for the delay in the release. A lot had changed with PS and testing took longer than expected.

    Please let us know if we can be of more assistance.
    Click & Pledge Support Department

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