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possible to get membership expiration date info from PMPro in XML data?

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  • possible to get membership expiration date info from PMPro in XML data?

    Hi there!

    Iím wondering if itís possible to include information about membership expiration date in the XML data that gets sent with the payment transaction info from PaidMembershipsPro. I have just posted this query to the PMPro support forum, but also thought I could ask the question here in case you already know if this is possible for a feature request. If not, I'll wait to get a response from PMPro and then update here.

    I told them the following as part of the support ticket I submitted:
    The use case for this is the following. We are an academic society, and we offer certain privileges (outside of our WordPress site) for active members, so weíd like to be able to keep track of the membership expiration date in our Salesforce org, as well as within PMPro.

    For good members who renew before they expire, this means that the expiration date of their membership is later than the date of their purchase.

    So is it possible for the expiration date of the membership level to be transmitted along with the other information that goes to Click & Pledge with a successful credit card transaction? Iím asking here so that I can give guidance to C&P if I make a request to them to add this to their PMPro plug-in. Thanks!

    I can post a sample of the XML data we currently get from C&P privately if that would be helpful.


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    Good day

    As of now, it is not possible but we have discussed this with our developers and they concluded that it can be possible through custom info but that required the code update and the release. However, they have considered your request but as of now, there is NO ETA.
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      Thanks very much for considering it!

      In case this is helpful, here is the response I got from Jessica Thomas in the PMPro Support Forum:
      Looking at Click & Pledgeís gateway add on, it looks like youíd need to modify the add on file itself to pass any additional XML Ė they donít use any filters to allow modifying the XML before it gets sent. Specifically, the getPaymentXML function that starts on line 2117 of click-pledge-paid-memberships-pro/classes/class.pmprogateway_clickandpledge.php would need to be modified to add the additional elements. We generally donít recommend directly editing any of the gateway files due to a high possibility of breaking money-related things, but that might be a good direction to point the Click & Pledge team.