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How to control Shipping Opportunity Created in Salesforce from a OpenCart Transaction

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  • How to control Shipping Opportunity Created in Salesforce from a OpenCart Transaction

    C&P settings are set to create an opportunity in Salesforce for Shipping. The shipping opportunity doesn't have a SKU so my workflows and settings for Opportunity Naming aren't getting triggered. It doesn't inherit the Campaign name from the Item Opportunities so the Opportunity Shipping Campaign is blank. NOTE: My org isn't using the price book, it's just creating standard opportunities and workflows are setting record types to Merchandise.

    1. Is there information (like a SKU) that I can pull from on the Opportunity so that I can create a workflow for the Opportunity Naming and other custom fields?
    2. Is there a way to use the Campaign Name from the main transaction?
    3. If I can't get it to land in the same campaign as the items purchased, can I identify that it is a shipping opportunity so that I can put all of shipping in the same campaign?

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    Good day @Nina Boatman

    You may accomplish the above using the workflow rule on opportunity type. While creating the opportunity, we have the Opportunity type "Opportunity Object >> CnP_PaaS__CnP_Opportunity_Type__c" this is a picklist which contains 5 values i.e. Item, Tax, Discount, Shipping, and Convenience Fee, based on these fields you can write a workflow rule.

    Click image for larger version

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    Hope that helps.

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