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  • Custom Field to SalesForce

    We have created a custom field in opencart that we'd like to tie to a field in SalesForce for the same record that is already being created. Is there an example somewhere of this being done? Or can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks for your help!

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    Good day!

    Currently we are not posting custom questions to the API, due to a number of constraints. Our team is working on the second release of the integration to be released in April with a family of other 3rd party integrations. This will include addition of custom question to the integration.

    Sorry that this is not currently available.
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      I'm not sure we are talking about the same thing. I am speaking out a custom field in OpenCart specifically. Then tying that to a specific field in SalesForce. Are we talking about the same thing?


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        I don't believe we are talking about the same thing. I am talking about custom fields from an opencart perspective. I would want this custom field to link up with an existing field on our donation record. Thanks for your help