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Click & Pledge Gravity Form Connection Timeout

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  • CnP.Support.AM
    Good day @[email protected]

    Please submit a support ticket at with FTP and admin login details as well as the website URL so we can review your entire configuration.

    FTP Domain Name (or) IP Address:
    FTP Port:
    FTP User ID:
    FTP Password:

    Website admin login URL:

    Include the link to this post in the ticket for reference and add 'Attn: Forums' in your case subject line.

    Please let us know when you have submitted the ticket. Do not post the requested information in this forum as this is a public forum.

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  • Click & Pledge Gravity Form Connection Timeout

    I've been trying to integrate the Click & Pledge account with a Gravity Forms plugin on our Wordpress site. Every time I've entered my account email and then added the code I was emailed, the account logs in for about 30 seconds, then logs me back out again and requires me to enter my email and another code again. This makes it impossible to read through the options, let alone configure the settings. We are unable to accept any donations either until this issue can be resolved. Gravity Forms was not able to help us and recommend we reach out to you for help. Thank you in advance for any help or feedback you can provide!