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  • Declined Transactions Error

    We've received a lot of declined transactions lately which are not marked as fraud, but are still declined. The reason on many of them is "do not honor do not honor". This seems to happen multiple times a week on one or two transactions. I was wondering if you have any information or have a way we can figure out what is going on with these? Our donation forms are built with the Wordpress Gravity Froms plugin.

    Here are a couple of order id's for failed transactions

    2/2/2021 - 32780-2102020827116729949 (this was a donation from one of our staff members)
    2/1/2021 - 32780-2102011420280825013
    1/31/2021 - 32780-2101311624392985013 (this is a retry of the transaction below)
    1/31/2021 - 32780-2101311622093695013
    1/22/2021 - 32780-2101221203556736047

    Thanks for any help you can provide. We really want to make sure we're not missing out on donations.

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    Good day @esowers

    The status you see "DO NOT HONOR" is from their BANK (not us).

    This is not a message that comes from us or our gateway. Their bank is simply declining the transaction. We simply post to the gateway and receive a response. In this case, it says it is not honored.

    The only recommendation is for the patron to contact their bank and ask why it was declined.
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