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Trouble setting campaign, disabling custom fields, and found one potential bug

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  • Trouble setting campaign, disabling custom fields, and found one potential bug

    Hello! I've begun configuring a Gravity Form with the CnP add-on and so far it's going pretty well! I've done a number of test payments and mostly everything looks good. There are a couple of things I'm having trouble with though:

    1. I can't seem to set the campaign. I've created hidden fields with the labels "{CAMPAIGNNAME}{FIELDID=6}" and "{CAMPAIGNNAME}{FIELDID=7}" for my two product fields. (I have one product field with predetermined donation amounts and then an "other" product for a user-determined amount.) I'm not sure if I'm using the wrong value for the campaign name or what. Order #1610131620236761111 is a good example to look at. I'm trying to match it to a pre-existing campaign (Giving Tuesday).

    2. I'd like to prevent custom fields on my form from sending over to CnP as "Questions & Answers" is this possible, maybe via a filter of sorts?

    And finally, I noticed {authcode} was the same as {transaction_id} on my GF confirmation page. I'm not sure this is a bug or expected during test mode, but I thought I'd give it mention.

    Thanks and looking forward to your reply!

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