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How to install a "SOAP client" to get form woring?

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  • How to install a "SOAP client" to get form woring?


    I have not been able to successfully test this form using a test credit card number:

    I am using test credit card number 4111111111111111
    Expiration date: any future date
    CV2: any 3 digit number

    Apparently, I need to install a SOAP client to get it working, but I have not seen mention of this, or any instructions, of what this is and how to install it. Perhaps I have overlooked mention of it in some guide, but Ive searched the forums on the Gravity and the C&P site, and don't see clear instructions or much mention of it at all. Gravity forms said it's not their issue and i have to ask here.

    I would be grateful for some guidance in figuring this out and setting it up.I have submitted the same request to C&P main support, but they take 3 days to respond.

    Thanks in advance for your help,


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    Good day Katrina,

    Yes the SOAP client is needed for our application. Since it is a core feature we don't have that in our manual. I will request our team to add it to the manual.

    All 3rd party applications are supported through the forum only. Our support department will ask that you post it to the forum. In the future please post all your questions regarding any 3rd party application to the appropriate forum.

    To set up the SOAP client for your instance one of our developers need to login to your instance. To login we need complete admin information as well as FTP access to be sent to us. DO NOT POST THE INFORMATION HERE.

    Please go to and send us the complete login information as well as FTP information so we can resolve the issue in your instance. Please reference this post. It is best if you submit the ticket in response to your original post so you don't have a duplicate request.

    Once we have the information we will review and let you know.
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