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Form with multiple address fields

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  • CnP.Support
    Good day!

    Sorry that this post was missed.

    May I have a link to the form you are discussing? We simply use the billing address since that is the address used with the bank and the receipt.

    I am not sure what other address you are referring to and how you envision the Salesforce implementation to work. Perhaps if we see the form we can better understand the issue.

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  • PattyOK
    started a topic Form with multiple address fields

    Form with multiple address fields

    So I have a form where we are collecting the address where you send and acknowledgement and also the address of the donator. It appears that C&P is just looking at the first address field it finds to do the credit card validation. Is there any way to put these fields in the desired order and let C&P know which field is for billing? Also this issue was not caught until we ran a production transaction - was not caught in test! Pretty scary...