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Feature Suggestion: Able to chose a future donation date.

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  • Feature Suggestion: Able to chose a future donation date.

    The user being able to chose their future donation withdrawal date would be a big deal for us. Especially since we are unable to update a donors credit card expiration date. If their card expires we have to cancel their card in the C&P Portal and then either the donor has be reminded when the new date approaches and then go online to start their donation again. Or, they call us and it is time consuming using the Salesforce Virtual Terminal to set the donations future date.

    Allowing the donor to set the withdrawal date would help us tremendously.



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    Any progress on adding the option to choose a future donation date on the form??


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      Good day!

      This feature is not currently being added but it is in the feature list.

      Currently the team is heavily involved with the next Salesforce & Connect release and is not adding features to existing products. Hopefully before the end of summer we will have this feature added.
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