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Problem trying to install CiviCRM

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  • Problem trying to install CiviCRM


    I realize I should have downloaded from SourceForge rather than from github. Downloaded the SourceForge file, FTP'd and unzipped, and all is well.

    (What I downloaded originally, comes later, when you want to integrate the Click&Pledge payment gateway.)

    Following instructions here:

    * downloaded the zip file from github
    * uploaded to plugins folder using FTP
    * tried to use the tar to extract, got error: "gzip: stdin has more than one entry"
    * googled this error, got advice to try using "unzip" command, this seemed to work, but the resulting folder under plugins is wordpress-civicrm-master, then com.clickandpledge.payment.clickandpledge under that. This does not conform to what the instructions say to expect (a CiviCRM folder), nor am I seeing the civicrm.php file the instructions lead me to expect.

    Seems that unzip did not really accomplish what was wanted, but not sure what to try next. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    I am installing on the latest WordPress version (4.7.3), hosted at I checked all the requirements for CiviCRM (Linux, SQL, PHP) and they all look good.
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    Good day @rasurinternational

    May I ask you to please follow the steps listed in the below link and try to install the Click & Pledge plugin?

    Please check and let us know if you find any issues.
    Click & Pledge Support Department

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      This is now a "never mind". Problem solved.

      Other problems though ...