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  • CnP.Support
    Good day Anna:

    This makes no sense- emails cannot be hacked. Are you referring to email you get from the system and Salesforce autoresponder? That is the only way you can get 2 receipts.

    Are you referring to your account: 19136?

    If so I see 2 transactions by Bethany W. for $1 and $2 and using the same credit card which does not follow any fraud attempts. All information appears to be matching.

    Please elaborate or give me the Order Numbers so I can research it further.

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  • ademetriades
    started a topic Fraud Receipts

    Fraud Receipts


    Today I received two confirmation emails for a donation. This is normal. One is part of the receipt auto reply and the second one is a confirmation that the donation when through. The auto reply receipt was for $1,500 dollars and the second one was for $1. The amounts should match. I google searched the donator and it is of a dead person. How do I prevent a person from hacking the auto receipt?

    Thank you for your help!