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Can't get Auctions / eVT setup to work

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  • Can't get Auctions / eVT setup to work

    Hello - I am unable to get the eVT and Auctions for SF integration to work. I am doing testing now and when I click the button on Auctions check-in to 'Save Credit Card' an error just comes up saying 'Sorry We can't find your Account.' I have tried multiple times to get the Charge and Validate card URL strings to be properly set in Auction Settings. I think the issue may be that I need to do something in the C&P Portal but I've been unable to log in to the portal (I have tried 3 times to reset my password and every time I try to re-set my password following the new password standards it still won't let me log in). I should note that I have been successfully using this integration for the past 5 years and have always been able to get this to work but this time I'm just stuck.

    I have just granted you 1 week of access, the org ID is 00Df20000011Rq1 and the account ID is 21599. Thanks and let me know if you need any other information from me.

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    Would you please share the Username of your legacy portal account?
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      And amazingly - just asking that helped me figure out the problem! I had switched to a different user account for the legacy portal for this client. As soon as I tried that other user account I was able to get in, reverify eVT and now everything is working. LOL. Thank you! I hope at some point you can migrate this functionality to the new Connect portal or within Salesforce somewhere - I almost never go into the legacy portal now and tend to forget it's still needed for this integration...