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GUID or other identifier for non-default campaign for API form on Drupal

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  • GUID or other identifier for non-default campaign for API form on Drupal

    I've recently replicated my organization's default default fundraising campaign (originally created on the legacy portal). We receive donations to the default
    campaign via a page that was coded for our Drupal website: I am looking for information on how to send Donations from a new Drupal webform to the new campaign that was replicated from the default campaign.

    It appears that the way that our working webform knows how to send the donations to the default campaign is via an "AccountGUID." The Drupal developers I'm working with have surmised that that they therefore need the GUID for the new campaign that I created in order to make a new webform send donations to the new campaign. We need to continue receiving donations via the regular, default, campaign. The new campaign is for targeted donations to a special cause.

    Click and Pledge Support has told me "there is not a GUID for campaigns in Connect." C&P Support directed me to the forums to get advice about how else to connect a Drupal form to my new campaign.

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    Good day @bgreenberg

    We reviewed and found that the above is FaaS form. We have "ConnectCampaignAlias" which is an alternate of WID.

    To get Connect Campaign Alias, go to respective Campaign and under Campaign details >> Basic Information >> here you will find Campaign Alias field which is an extension for the Campaign's URL.

    Ask your developers to replace the WID node with "ConnectCampaignAlias" node as shown below in order to direct the form to the respective Campaign.

    <input type="hidden" name="ConnectCampaignAlias" id="ConnectCampaignAlias" value="HERE COMES THE CONNECT CAMPAIGN ALIAS" />

    Hope that helps. Please check and let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
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