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Release 7.0: Person Accounts, Opportunity Settlement, and more

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  • Release 7.0: Person Accounts, Opportunity Settlement, and more

    Release date: March 4, 2013
    Version #: 7.0

    New Features:
    1. Support for Person & Business Accounts
    2. C&P Portal import as batch import into Salesforce
    3. Opportunity settlement for manually added opportunities. This feature will initially only work with Opportunities and not Opportunity>Product. We will include Opportunity > Product in release 8.0 depending on the demand.
    4. Virtual Terminal custom questions: Unlimited custom questions may be added to the Virtual Terminal as part of each transaction. Default questions may be added through the C&P Settings with locked or open option allowing the user to add additional questions.
    5. Autoresponder for recurring transactions
    6. Custom question mapping answer replacement: An additional feature is available for replacing a specific answer with another text before updating a Contact or Opportunity field. For example:
      • Question: Are you a member?
      • Answer: Yes
      • Replace it with: “Member” and add it to the “Status” field in the Contact record. Without replacement the answer YES in that field will have no meaning in the context.

    7. Update Contact > Alias: Clicking a button will update the CONTACT record with the ALIAS information
    8. Custom Question Mapping: Addition of Accounts to the list. Now fields may be updated in Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunity objects
    9. Additional field types are added for the Custom Question matching to Account / Contact / Opportunity: TEXT, TEXT AREA, LONG TEXT AREA, RICH TEXT AREA
    10. State / Country replacement: 2 character codes

    Existing Feature Enhancements:
    1. Auto setting for Account > Contact when NPSP is installed. C&P Settings will disable option for creating accounts and will be set automatically not to create a new account for a contact.
    2. Virtual Terminal indefinite recurring: In the existing release a value of 999 has to be entered when a recurring transaction is set for indefinite. In this update a checkbox may be set for indefinite recurring.
    3. Autoresponder send to a static email: Autoresponder may be set not to send the email to the Payee and send it to a preset email address. This feature was requested by a public radio station wanting to send the email to their network printer so they can mail it to the patron.
    4. Virtual Terminal Decline transaction retry: Data will be saved for declined transactions so another card can be used without having to enter all the information again
    5. Restrict recurring for pre-authorization of $0 in the Virtual Terminal
    6. Virtual Terminal maximum transaction processed increased to: 99,999,999.99
    7. Future transaction date restriction for Reference transactions
    8. Validations at eVT and Change of Account number
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