Release date: January 25, 2013
Version #: 1.75

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please make sure to read the post-installation instructions. Upgrading from versions prior to 1.75 require post-installation changes.

Prerequisites: The following packages are required prior to installation:
New Features:

The following new features are part of the latest release. Since the payment forms are now native within the Salesforce pages it is important that the post-installation steps are followed to ensure proper permissions are granted to each step.
  • Native payment form
  • Removal of page 2 in the registration form. The registrant information is now collected during the payment process at the last step of the registration.
  • Contact matching per payment C&P Settings. Matching follows Attendee and Payee (Registrant) to ensure duplicates are not created. It is important to read the Contact Matching feature instructions
  • Each event may be set to not send system receipts. Receipts & acknowledgements may be sent through the Autoresponder (read more)
  • Campaign members are created for attendees & payees

In addition to the above new features a large number of optimizations are made to ensure compatibility with the payment 6.9 release.