Release Date: January 11, 2013
Version #: 6.8

Release 6.8 may be installed through the AppExchange: [Please read the special note below]
New Features:
  • The reporting application which was previously a standalone application in AppExchange is now fully integrated into the payment application.
  • Multiple “Contact Roles” may now be added to an “Opportunity”. Contact Roles may be set as primary or non-primary based on the SKU of the item in the basket
  • Virtual Terminal receipts may now be customized for each processed payment. Default values may be set in the C&P Admin

  • Contact Record Type may be set based on the WID of the checkout page
  • Changes in the C&P Settings tabs- consolidating Opportunity & Contact tabs
  • Virtual Terminal allows for past & future dates for Invoice/ Purchase Order / Custom Payment Type
  • Change of C&P Account count from 10 to 100 in C&P Settings > C&P Account listing
  • Replacing thef US-States pick list in the Virtual Terminal with an open text field
  • Increase of Tag size for the Autoresponder

Bug Fixes
  • Account creation with NPSP installed
  • Validation fixes for Virtual Terminal and other forms when special characters are used.

Special NOTE:
Please install API Class Library 1.14 prior to installation of Payment 6.8.