Release Date: October 3, 2012
Version: 5.0

Important NOTE:
New Features:
  • Click & Pledge's Payment-as-a-Service App release 5.0 for Salesforce. New features in Payment-as-a-Service 5.0 include:
  • C&P Designer - Create custom emails and templates directly in Salesforce.
  • Autoresponder - Set automatic emails, receipts and messages.
  • Autoresponder Queue for out of order sending of emails
  • Autoresponder SMTP setup for external mail servers
  • New Contact Settings - Customize your Contact creation to avoid duplicates
  • Temporary Contacts for manual matching
  • Quick Charge form - for quick payment processing from Contact screen
  • Dynamic changing of Opportunity name based on preset format
  • Addition of recurring information to Opportunity record
  • C&P Settings tabbed customization
  • Addition of recurring payment "Record Type" customization
  • Multiple item processing with Virtual Terminal
  • Addition of "Custom Payment Type" to the Virtual Terminal
  • Auto-creation of Campaign within Salesforce when Campaign exists in C&P Account but does not exist in Salesforce at the time of payment
  • Swiper1 mobile payment credit card processing for Android phones with contact lookup through Salesforce

Behavior Changes:
  • Addition of Campaigns to individual items in the Virtual Terminal
  • Addition of C&P Account numbers to C&P Settings for use in the Virtual Terminal

Additional Information: