New Open API Platform Will Enable Developers To Create Applications For The Click & Pledge TRIO Payment System.

Blacksburg, VA. (April 21, 2009) – Click & Pledge today announced PAI, an open application programming interface designed to empower developers to create applications for the TRIO suite of payment system products.

PAI, the Payment Application Interface (pronounced “pay”), is a free developers platform that “marks the beginning of a family of products designed to give users the freedom to innovate and create custom applications,” according to Dr. Kamran Razvan, president of Click & Pledge. “Our goal is to empower developers to write applications that are allowed to succeed and fail in an open market. It allows competition and natural selection for high value, low cost products,” Dr. Razvan explained.

PAI will be free to access and be open to all organizations, programmers and developers to create, innovate and build tools that are highly customizable to meet their exact needs.

Through the PAI platform of web services, users can take full advantage of the entire suite of Trio features without the need for programming any of those features themselves. The list of features includes widgets, forms, tickets, receipts, name badges, currencies, languages, tax deductable calculation, discounting and any viable application that can be created.

The Click & Pledge PAI system offers a “unique approach” that helps developers with the most challenging aspects of processing payment online. For example, following Payment Card Industry standards and mandates for processing credit card payments, developers often have difficulty managing security while offering the features that consumers take for granted, like recurring payments.

Click & Pledge has deployed the PAI system to its worldwide stable of development partners and the open web network of developers. “We expect to continue our aggressive development of in-house applications and services,” Dr. Razvan said, “but we are excited about the product applications that will flow from this open community of developers. Everyone will benefit,” he said.

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