Release Date: June 7, 2012

Release #: PaaS.x.20120605.

New Feature:

  • Receipt Number: Sequential receipt numbers may be added to receipts with multiple options: example: ABC-20120706-10001
    • Separator: dash or slash separator to be used in between each option, e.g. ABC-20120706 or ABC/20120706
    • Prefix: A set of characters to be used as the start of the receipt number, e.g. ABC
    • Date Format: Multiple formats are available for addition to the receipt number, e.g. 20120607, or 07062012, or 2012/07/12, etc.
    • Seed: The value to be used as the seed counter, e.g. 10000
    • Increment: The value for the seed to be incremented by, e.g. 1

  • Receipt Signature: A text box allowing for inclusion of text at the bottom of the receipt. The text box allows for inclusion of images.

Special Note:

The feature is based on requests from our Canadianclients with specific requirements for receipts. The following are 2 references used for the requirements: