Release date: March 27, 2012
Version #: 4.31

New Feature:
  • N/A

Bugs & Changes:

A special condition existed with the prior release where a recurring donation initiating from the Salesforce Virtual Terminal was creating inconsistency with future installments when a contact did not have email. The following illustrates the condition:
  1. Setting up C&P Settings to NOT CREATE a Contact
  2. Initiating a recurring transaction using the Virtual Terminal using ONLY first and last name and NO email address
  3. Allowing for 1 or more future recurring transaction(s) to process
  4. Changing the C&P Settings to CREATE a Contact

Upon STEP 4 the system was losing track of the recurring transactions and related transactions.

The current release will resolve this issue by maintaining relations across all transactions with or without a Contact.

All clients are encourage to update to the latest release immediately.