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Click & Pledge Introduces Mobile QR PayCard" (TM)

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  • Click & Pledge Introduces Mobile QR PayCard" (TM)

    Scan A Personal QR-PayCard With A Smart Phone and Make A Donation/Payment. Easy, Convenient, Secure.

    Offers The Convenience of Mobile Phone QR Codes With Pre-Approved Automatic Credit Card Payments.

    ROANOKE, VA. – March 23, 2012 – Click & Pledge today introduced the first “QR PayCard”, a hybrid credit card payment alternative that integrates the convenience of QR code mobile phone scanning with pre-approved credit card payments and

    The QR PayCard is designed for nonprofit and business applications. “With mobile applications increasing in importance and the popularity of smart phone devices, the QR PayCard is a great new addition to our mobile platform of services. It’s another way to offer ‘impulse easy’ methods of making payments or accepting donations on a mobile device,” said Kamran Razvan, Click & Pledge chief executive officer.

    Each organization may custom design the QR-PayCard graphics to reflect its brand.

    “Convenience and efficiency are the key words here,” said Razvan. “Anytime that a donor or a customer would like to make a payment, simply use a smart phone to scan the custom QR code, enter the payment amount and the transaction is pre-approved and securely processed.”

    Razvan said the information on the payer is already saved in a secure profile so they will not have to re-enter the information in the future and the organization can view the payment or donation history at any time through Each PayCard has a unique cardholder identifier in the QR code,” he said.

    For example, recurring payments may easily be made by scanning the card instead of writing a monthly check or completing an online form. Users of the QR PayCard also eliminate the need for waiting in lines to check out. “With the QR PayCard, the vendor or organization already has the credit card information, donor information, purchases, or donation pledge in its database. Patrons just enter the payment or donation amount and hit the send button on their cell phone,” Razvan said. “Receipts are issued via email and all of data goes automatically into Salesforce donor management system.”

    Each merchant account customer of Click & Pledge can set-up the free service and issue a custom designed card that reflects the branding of the organization. “Alternative payment methods like this QR PayCard give organizations the ability to customize a unique product and make a positive impression on patrons that they are innovative and efficient,” Razvan said.

    Nonprofits can use the payment card at fundraising events like charity auctions to accept payments or at multifunction conferences or large meetings that often require multiple payments for various activities. Razvan explained that the QR PayCard delivers an integrated mobile platform that begins with registration, payments and automatic updates into a database management system.
    Nonprofits enable patrons to register for an event online; capture their contact information and credit card information; issue via email a receipt and the QR PayCard. The QR PayCard may then be used as a convenient method for any payment simply by scanning the QR PayCard with a smart phone.

    Additional benefits include:
    • Customization – Each QR PayCard may be custom designed with graphics and branding opportunities. Nonprofits or businesses may create as many QR PayCards as required.
    • Unique Identifier – The QR code on each card is unique to the cardholder. It contains payment information and cardholder contact information.
    • Distribution – QR PayCard distribution is through email, US postal service, at the business or nonprofit, or at the site of an event.
    • Security – Users enter the amount of payment and the first four digits of their registered credit card.
    • Programmed Expiration Date – QR PayCards may be programmed to expire on any date.
    • Integration with Salesforce – All cardholder activity and payment history automatically delivered into Salesforce.
    • Integration with payment gateway. Process all major credit/debit cards.
    • No additional fees – Like all Click & Pledge software solutions, there are no fees for use of the software. Plus, normal Click & Pledge credit card transaction fees apply when using the QR PayCard.

    About Click & Pledge
    The Company provides software-as-a-service to enable nonprofits and similar organizations to be effective and efficient in online fundraising and donor management. Located in Blacksburg, VA, the Company serves over 9,000 customers in 45 countries. To find out more, call (540) 961-9811 or visit
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