Release date: March 15, 2012
Version #: 1.35

New Features:

The goal for this release was to simplify a number of tasks by providing quick tabs. The tabs are designed to offer an easy interface for adding events, discounts, pages, etc. without having to go through the event tab.

With this release, the Events Management module is an Aloha application and tabs available in the application will not count towards tab limits in the Salesforce account.

The following are the new tab names and their core functionality.

C&P Tabs

Event Settings:

You can now do the following settings from the setting Tab:
  • Default site URL
  • Default C&P account number
  • Payment Methods

C&P Contact Fields:
  • See a list of all contact fields and their details
  • Create a new filed for specific event/level or edit an existing field for an event or level

C&P Custom Fields:
  • See a list of all custom questions and the event/level they are associated with
  • Add new custom questions or edit existing custom questions/ fields for specific event and or level directly from this tab

C&P Discount Plans:
  • See a list of current discount plans
  • Add new discount plan or edit existing discount plans on specific event and or levels directly from this tab

C&P Event Categories:
  • See a list of all current event categories
  • Add new category or edit existing event category directly from this tab

C&P Event Layout:
  • See a list of current page layouts
  • Edit an existing page layout or create a new page layout for an event directly from this tab

C&P Event Listings:
  • See a list of existing listing pages
  • Add a new listing or edit an existing listing directly from this tab

C&P Event registrant:
  • See the list of all event registrants and edit them directly from this tab
  • Create NEW registrant -will be available in later releases

C&P Events:
  • See a list of all events
  • Add new events or edit and existing event directly from this Tab

C&P Event Question Sections:
  • See a list of custom question “sections” created
  • Create a new “section” or edit and existing “section”

C&P Registered Attendees:
  • See a list of registered attendees and edit attendee information directly from this Tab
  • Create NEW attendee function will be available in later releases

C&P Event Registration Levels:
  • See a list of registration levels and detail information about each level
  • Create a new level for specific event or edit an existing level

Bug Fixes:
A number of bugs dealing with display and functionality issues in IE 9 were addressed. Several minor adjustments were also made to the user interface.