Release date: March 21, 2012
Version #:
  • MP.S.20120321.
  • MS.S.20120319.
New Features:

QR PayCard payment forms may be designed similar to a regular mobile payment form. Patrons making payments through the QR PayCard use a short form for making any payment without needing to enter their credit card numbers. The QR code attached to the card has an encoded reference number to the previous transaction providing an easy method for re-charging a card.

The QR PayCard is secure and requires entry of the credit card expiration date prior to placing the payment. Repeated failed attempts to select the correct expiration date will result in blocking of the card. The card holder will need to contact the issuing organization for re-activation.

The card may be cancelled or blocked by contacting the organization.

Additional Information:Bug Fixes:

Several adjustments and changes were made for compatibility issues with Blackberry and Windows mobile phones.