BLACKSBURG, VA – (January 19, 2009) - Click & Pledge, a pioneer in the delivery of Software-as-a-Service to non-profits, announced today that it has expanded services to include processing credit and debit card payments in three new currencies: the Euro, Canadian Dollar and British Pound Sterling.

In addition to U.S. Dollars, the additional currencies will qualify Click & Pledge to process credit card payments securely and quickly in more than 39 countries, according to company President Dr. Kamran Razvan. Click & Pledge currently offers payment software and merchant bank services to non-profits and similar organizations around the world.

“We wanted to add the ability to process a variety of currencies to our customer base,” Razvan said. “Consumers have a comfort level donating or purchasing in their native currency because they know they will not incur any foreign exchange fees, unnecessary risk or exposure. Our multiple-currency option offers customers peace of mind and convenience.”

Click & Pledge currently offers its payment pages in 10 languages, including English, German, French, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Polish.

“As a single point of contact for all major credit card types, we can set customers up to begin processing card payments within days,” Razvan explained. “With our payment expertise and complete suite of online payment solutions and services, we enable customers with a seamless checkout experience that is fast, reliable, trusted, and secure.”


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